Solve combustible dust

1. Dust explosion, the full name of dust explosion, refers to the explosion phenomenon when the combustible dust suspended in the air contacts with open fire or electric spark, which is very common in the fire field.

2. There are three conditionsof dust explosion: 2.1 combustible dust is suspended in the air with appropriate concentration to form dust cloud. 2.2 sufficient air and oxidant 2.3 fire source or strong vibration and friction.

3. Flammable and explosive powder mainly includes:3.1, metal powder: aluminum powder, zinc powder, silicon iron powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum processing grinding powder. Grain: wheat, starch, sugar and milk powder. 3.3 feed: blood meal, fish meal.3.4 mining products: oil and coalpowder. Agricultural products: cotton, tobacco and tea powder. 3.6 forestry products: paper powder and wood flour. 3.7 synthetic materials: plastic, fuel.


How to prevent solve combustible dust?

1. How to prevent:

1.1. Keep away from open fire when using dust.

1.2. Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place to prevent danger.

1.3. Control dust and keep ventilation environment.

1.4. Installation of suction dust removal equipment.

1.5. It is necessary to control the heat source of ignition dust, and it is absolutely forbidden to use open fire and smoke in the environment with dust. 4.6. Take explosion-proof measures for various electrical lines and electrical equipment.

2. Optional dust collectors: wet dust collector and dry dust collector.

3. The cost of wet dust collector is the lowest, but the material can't produce flammable and explosive hydrogen when meeting water.

4. Because of the high cost of dry dust collector, it is necessary to install some imitative explosion devices.

5. The explosion-proof devices installed in the dust remover mainly include: one-way flame-proof valve, spark detector, explosion-proof membrane, flameless explosion-proof device, explosion-proof motor, fan with aluminum impeller, explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof electrical appliances, etc.

6. In addition, the dust can be modified by adding a large amount of inert dust such as calcium carbonate. When the combustible dust is reduced to less than 20%, the whole dust becomes inert dust and is not easy to explode.

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    One way flameproof valve

  • Flameless venting device

    Flameless venting device

  • Explosion relief diaphragm

    Explosion relief diaphragm

  • Prevent static electricity

    Prevent static electricity

  • Case application

    Case application

  • Multi post centralized grinding collector

    Choice Flat bag dust collector

  • Multi post centralized grinding collector

    Choice Downflow Cartridge dust collector

  • Multi post centralized grinding collector

    Choice Vertical Cartridge dust collector

  • Multi post centralized grinding collector

    Choice Wet dust collector

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