Flat bag modular comination

1、Envelope-shaped bags provide maximum filter area per given space and ensure efficient cleaning.

2、Modular design,air volumes range from 1500 to 85,000 CFM

3、Modular design gives dimensional and capacity flexibilit.

4、Side doors provide easy, clean side access to filters.

5、Each dust unit can operate independently, and when one of them needs to be repaired, it will not affect the operations of the other unit.

6、The dust air- inlet is placed over the machine, forming a unique design of the Down-flow, in order to strengthen the effectiveness of dust.


Product Brief introuction

Flat bag dust collector

The door can be opened in front, and the filter bags are insert installed, which can save space for the top ,no need to leave space for top inspection or replacement of bags.

Modular design, block installation, all the dust collector can be separated into small parts, you can ship it into any small space, especially suitable for sea shipping and air shipping.

Cost Saving, Fewer filter bag replace, Lower disposal costs,Faster filter replace.

Easy operation & maintenance.

Low, stable pressure drop.

OEM is acceptable.

structure drawing

Flat bag dust collector

Flat bag dust collector

Product Options
  • Flat bag dust collector

    Flat bag

  • HEPA-filter

    HEPA filter

  • carbon-filter

    carbon filter

  • Venting-membrane

    Venting membrane

  • Flameless-venting-device

    Flameless venting device

  • One-way-flameproof-valve

    One way flameproof valve


Flat bag dust collector

Standard modular design, block type Assembly.

The size is suitable for all kinds of container transportation.

Simple installation and quick assembly.

Flat bag is selected for filtration, which has small volume but large filtering area.

Almost meet all kinds of plants, normal temperature, no water, no oil dry dust smoke.

Easy operation & maintenance

Application: tobacco laser cutting, welding, grinding, polishing, grinding, sand blasting, shot blasting, coating powder spraying, grain, pharmaceutical, chemical, battery industry, food production and other dust collection.

OEM is acceptable

Technica data and Models

Item No. Model Air volume size Flat bag filter Qty Pulse valve Qty N.W
M3/H L*W*H(mm) pcs pcs T
1 DLMC1/2/15 3000 1114*2382*4433 20@30M2 10@DN25 1.160
2 DLMC1/3/15 4500 1114*2382*5026 30@45M2 10@DN25 1.382
3 DLMC1/4/15 6000 1114*2382*5932 40@60M2 10@DN25 1.666
4 DLMC1/5/15 7500 1114*2382*6582 50@75M2 10@DN40 1.935
5 DLMC1/6/15 9000 1114*2382*7107 60@90M2 10@DN40 2.134
6 DLMC1/7/15 10500 1114*2382*7630 70@105M2 10@DN40 2.346
7 DLMC1/8/15 12000 1114*2382*8157 80@120M2 10@DN40 2.558

Flat bag dust collector

For example: 1、

The filtering wind speed of bag filter in the above table is calibrated by conventional 1.67m/min, and the filtering wind speed can be adjusted according to the dust concentration in practical application.
We have specifications of 0.7m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m for the length of filter bag and filter frame. Usually 1.5m specifications are selected. If other special specifications are needed, they can be customized. The materials are stainless steel and carbon steel.
If you need 12000m3/h dust collector, you can choose 2 models DLMC1/4/15, or you can choose 1 models DLMC1/8/15.
If you choose a single module of DLMC1/4/15 with rated air volume, multiple modules of this model can be assembled to form corresponding large air volume dust collector.

Item No. Model Air volume size Flat bag filter Qty Pulse valve Qty N.W
M3/H L*W*H(mm) pcs pcs T
1 DLMC1/5/15 7500 1114*2382*6582 50@75M2 10@DN40 1.070
2 DLMC2/5/15 15000 2228*2382*6582 100@150M2 20@DN40 1.744
3 DLMC3/5/15 22500 3342*2382*6582 150@225M2 30@DN40 2.538
4 DLMC4/5/15 30000 4456*2382*6582 200@300M2 40@DN40 3.212
5 DLMC5/5/15 37500 5570*2382*6582 250@375M2 50@DN40 4.006
6 DLMC6/5/15 45000 6684*2382*6582 300@450M2 60@DN40 4.680
7 DLMC7/5/15 52500 7798*2382*6582 350@525M2 70@DN40 5.474
8 DLMC8/5/15 60000 8912*2382*6582 400@600M2 80@DN40 6.148
9 DLMC9/5/15 67500 10026*2382*6582 450@675M2 90@DN40 6.942
10 DLMC10/5/15 75000 11140*2382*6582 500@750M2 100@DN40 7.616

We are a manufacturing factory

  • laser-cutting

    laser cutting

  • CNC-bending

    CNC bending

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Pre assembly verification

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Plastic spraying of parts

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Cage board, cage, filter bag

  • Flag bag dust collector

     air valve and solenoid valve box

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Modular assembly1

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Modular assembly2

  • Container-shipping

    Container shipping

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Convenient installation

  • Flag bag dust collector

    Installation completed

  • Foreign-technical-guidance

    Foreign technical guidance

Application cases

  • Application cases
    Application cases
  • Flat bag dust collector
    Application cases
  • Flat bag dust collector
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  • Flat bag dust collector
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  • Flat bag dust collector
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All L.C .L overseas shipping are packed in pallet/plywood box to avoid any breakage during shipping;All F.C.L overseas shipping are packed in pallet, then loaded to the container.If you have other packing or shipping request, please contact JNEH before order, we will try our best to help for you.
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Most of our cartridge dust collector are modular design, block assembly, so we will arrange our installation team to help you overseas, the flight air ticket, accommodation and labor cost should be on customer side.


If you have cartridge dust collector installation experience, there is no need to spend such cost, just as per our operation & installation manual, if you have any questions, you can ask our team by wechat, facebook or whatsapp, we can do video service.

FAQ & after sales service

Q:What is the price?

A:The price is based on your request technical data, such as the air volume, application, configuration etc, different model has different price, so if you need the price, please send me your detail technical data or photos

Q:What payment methods your company accept?

A: We accept most of the payment methods,but mainly accept T/T,L/C,Western Union etc.

Q:How long is the warranty time for your products?

A: Our officially promised warranty time is one whole year after delivery at best.

Q:I haven't done business with your factory before,how can i trust your company?

A: We are the golden supplier on Alibaba for 2 years, and we can get a lot authority certificates,for example,CE, RoHS, ISO9001, BV, Alibaba onsite check certificate etc. We can also accept Trade Assurance payment, i hope this will be persuasive enough.

Q:What's the delivery time of your company?

A:Honest speaking, they depends on the quantity and the difficult of your order.As you know , but mostly ,the shipment time is 4 weeks after deposit for 380v/50hz/3phase fan, if special electic, the delivery time is within 6-8 weeks after deosit.

Q:Do you give any discount ?

A:We will surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.

Q:I would like to ask you if it's possible to have my logo on the dust collector machine

A:We hope you know that our company Erhuan supports customized logo service. But, we also hope you know that it's an extraservice,so a little bit extra service fee is needed.

after sales service

Any questions during the using, please call us at+86-510-87692608

Warranty 1 year from the shipping date, and we can do all life after service for the cartridge dust collector.

Within warranty, our service team will reply you within 2 hours and help you solve the problem within 24 hours

We can do wechat/facebook/whatsapp video remote guidance if any urgent problems

Out of the warranty, we still provide after service, if you need to buy replacement, we only Quote you the raw material cost.

we firmly believe that the best for customer is also the best of our friends! Let’s do our best to protect clean air of the earth.

No matter we can do business this time, we are pleased to be your friend from now, if you need help in China, maybe we can do some help!


Flat bag dust collector

Download Drawing:

DLMC1/2/15、DLMC1/3/15DLMC1/4/15DLMC1/5/15 DLMC1/6/15DLMC1/7/15 DLMC1/8/15