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With Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Erhuan knows that we’re usually just a piece of an overall solution. Although, perhaps the most important one! With our almost 30 years of experience, we work to make dust collection one aspect of the system you don’t need to worry about. We’re experts in designing reliable dust collection solutions, so you can feel confident that it simply works.

Whether you need a design for collecting particulates from thermal processes (dryers, kilns, furnaces, etc.), size reduction (crushing, grinding, milling, and classifying), or for handling the dust clouds from material handling, Erhuan will customize a baghouse dust collector or a wet scrubber system perfect for you. Whatever you need, Erhuan  will be your ultimate partner to pick the right solution, and make it easy through the entire project: from select, to budget, to design, to build, to install, to operate.

erhuan oem

OEM Dust Collector ManufacturersBecause you work hand-in-hand with our system engineers and designers, you can rely on Erhuan’s expertise to provide the right system design, specs, and detailed engineering drawings. We know that your solution has unique needs, so we work with you to customize our design to your specifications. We ask the questions that you don’t know to ask to anticipate pitfalls before they become a problem, including these examples:

Wet Scrubber or Dust Collector: Erhuan offers several technologies and our experts work with you to determine the best solutions. We offer four types of wet scrubber technologies for particulate collection and gas adsorption. We offer traditional baghouses, cartridge collectors in both vertical and horizontal mount styles, and pleated bag options.

erhuan oem

Dust Collection Equipment Environment: Indoors size restraints? Outdoors environmental conditions? Seismic or hurricane designs for supports? We design for all conditions.

Process Conditions: Temperature and humidity are major factors that may affect the selection of wet scrubber vs. dry baghouse. If dry, filter media and baghouse construction materials must be designed for the application. Loading, bulk density and particle size affect the optimal geometry of the unit and the suitable air-to-cloth ratio to pick.

Explosive Dust: Is your dust combustible? You might be surprised to know that most OEMs don’t have the same understanding as we do, as dust collection experts, for just how common an issue this is. we understand the requirements for explosion protection designs.

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Managing Interstitial Velocity: So many systems fail because of faulty system specs for fine dust particle size, and light bulk density. During the proposal phase, this area, perhaps more than most, is one where Erhuan helps ensure our offer will perform to the actual realities of your application.

Overseas Shipping: Erhuan's products use modular structural design and installation methods.The size is suitable for shipping containers to various parts of the world.

Because we understand the system so well and know what questions to ask, we’re able to quote your design accurately in the beginning to avoid having to make price adjustments later. Questions asked up front prevent costly cost overruns and surprises to you as an OEM later

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Your Trusted Advisor in Dust Collector and Wet Scrubber Manufacturing

Our service to you doesn’t stop after handing off the quote. We answer questions and provide detailed engineering drawings with the immediacy and care to keep your project moving. We offer responsive, personal, hassle-free customer service. No other company provides a better customer service experience. From quoting to design to fabrication to post-sale support, Erhuan prides itself on being your trusted partner.

Secrecy:We will strictly protect your customer information according to your orders and use packaging without trademarks. The device obtained by the end user only contains your own company information, and no information about our company will appear.

erhuan oem

Looking for global business partners: connect with us and expand your business internationally

In today's interconnected world, it is a constant search for new markets and opportunities for growth and expansion. That's why we are reaching out to potential business partners around the world who are interested in working with us in our mutually prosperous collaboration.

With Direct end users: We can sell the device directly to you to reduce costs.

With System Integrator: We are very willing to share technology and provide products and services with you to jointly explore the market.

With Equipment supplier: For example, we provide professional dust collectors for equipment manufacturers in industries such as shot blasting machines and laser cutting machines to package and sell together with your equipment.

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Let's work together!

As part of the partnership, we also offer training for your technical staff and sales team to familiarize them with our products and technologies. This will enable them to better advise customers and more effectively design solutions for individual projects.

In addition, we will keep you regularly informed about new developments in our product range, product updates and important changes in legislation or standards relating to dedusting.

As our partner, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from marketing support, which includes cooperation on promotional materials, presentations or participation in trade fairs and conferences.

Together with you, we will look for opportunities to implement joint projects and combined offers to expand our market presence and provide our customers with comprehensive services.

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