wet dust collector EHRCN-VFH type

1.1. The EHRCN-VFH type Venturi self-excited dust collector is an additional Venturi injector on the basis of the RCN type. The Venturi+RCN wet dust collector+bag or HEPA, with three or four stages of filtration, has a higher purification efficiency.

2. According to the principles of aerodynamics, when dusty gas enters the dust collector from the inlet, the airflow turns downward and impacts the larger dust particles on the water surface, which fall into the water. When the dusty gas passes through the"S" type special airflow mechanism at a speed of 18-35 meters/second, it accelerates and triggers a large number of continuous and violent waves, which impact or excite the washing dust, allowing the water vapor to fully contact the dust and be envelopedby water mist, causing volume expansion and sinking into the water, allowing the dusty gas to be fully purified.

3. EHRCN-VFH type wet dust collector is often used for various types of smoke and dust that are difficult to solve, such as high temperature, oil and water content, flammable and explosive, adhesive, and cannot be solved by traditional filter material dustcollectors.


EHRCN-VFH  Type  Wet  Dust Collector

wet dust collector

1.1 Product name: EHRCN-VFH Venturi self-excited wet dust collector.

1.2 Purification advantage 1: On the basis of the RCN type machine, a Venturi injector and secondary water bath filtration have been added.

1.3 Purification Advantage 2: This is a combination model, and the Venturi can be installed at the entrance of any RCN model.

1.4 Purification advantage 3: Sludge can be filtered by a filter press to obtain clear liquid for reuse, without wastewater discharge.

1.5 Core components: Wave maker, liquid level control water tank, at least SUS304 stainless steel material should be selected.

wet dust collector

1.6 Product principle: Utilizing the pressure head of the fan, it triggers a violent rolling water mist, creates waves, washes and purifies dust.

1.7 Venturi injector: At the Venturi structure, high-pressure water mist is sprayed by a water pump for pre-treatment of high concentration dust.

1.8 Multi stage dust collector: Venturi+self-excited+bag filter, three-stage dust removal.

1.9 Applicability: Sintering, slag blocking, and rod grinding in steel vanadium plants; Material transportation, crushing, and screening in chemical or quarrying industries.

1.10 Advantages: Multi stage dust removal, small footprint, high dust removal efficiency.

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