cartridge dust collector all-in-one EHI type

All-in-one Cartridge  Dust Collector 

1. Product category series:Horizontal Cartridge Filter Dust Collector.

2. Filter consumables used: Filter cartridge

3. Cleaning method: Pulse valve jet compressed air.

4.Structural feature: Meet the packing size of sea freight containers.

5.Industry: Used for collecting and filtering dry dust without oil or water


 EHI Type Cartridge Dust Collector

all-in-one cartridge dust collector

1.1.Product name: All-in-one EHI type  filter cartridge  dust collector.

1.2.Structural feature 1: The filter cartridge adopts a side insertion Horizontal installation, a chuck pressure rod type, non screw lifting, and does not need to be screwed into the box.

1.3.Institutional feature 2: Non top mounted insertion of filter cartridges, not occupying top space, suitable for indoor installation.There are multiple forms to choose from for ash hoppers.

1.4.Common specifications of filter cartridges:one size of chuck square covers: 352*660mm.

1.5.Filter cartridge process: The upper and lower covers are welded to the inner frame, resistant to spray pressure of 4-8 kilograms, and fully welded without falling off the bottom.

all-in-one cartridge dust collector

1.6. Product process: The fan, electrical control cabinet, and dust collector are integrated into one unit, which does not require installation and can be used by plugging in.

1.7. Product features: Made of high-quality carbon steel plate material, the surface treatment of the entire machine is spray painted. Of course, stainless steel manufacturing can also be used according to your requirements.

1.8. Application advantages: Small footprint, usually used for low concentration smoke and dust. For example: laser cutting machine dust collector, 3D printer dust collector.

1.9. Design Services: Free of charge to design product drawings according to the appropriate size of your on-site space,and provide installation guidance and training services

1.10.International transportation: Our product dimensions meet the requirements for shipping containers, making it easy to transport to various parts of the world.

Application Cases

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-2 type

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-3 type

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-4 type

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-4N type

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-6 type

  • all-in-one cartridge dust collector

    EHI-6N type

Multiple Forms Of Accessory Combinations

  • cartridge dust collector part

    1.1、Short legged grey bucket
    Drawer type gray box

  • cartridge dust collector part

    1.2、Pulse jet air system
    Storing compressed air

  • cartridge dust collector part

    1.3、Pulse Valve
    Spray compressed air

  • cartridge dust collector part

    1.4、Filter cartridge

  • cartridge dust collector part

    1.5、Filter cartridge Cage
    DFT tye

  • cartridge dust collector part

    Used for air extraction

Model Selection Table
Selection table for All-in-one cartridge dust collector

Model Selection Table

Drawing Examples
Selection Size for cartridge dust collector