bag filter dust collector EHDLMC-YT type

All-in-one Type  Flat bag  Dust Collector 

1. The EHDLMC model adds a HEPA filter box at the top of the DLMC model, with a bag+HEPA secondary filtration mode.

2. Flat bag dust collectors can often be seen in cigarette production, glass production, ore crushing, and belt conveyor dust removal processes.

3. Side opening door, inserting or pulling out flat cloth bag, does not occupy top space, suitable for indoor and limited space installation.

4. The envelope style cloth bag consists of 8-10 slots as a unit, arranged in an array of blades, occupying a small space and making installation and maintenance convenient.

5. Modular manufacturing, modular assembly, and overall spray molding are used to meet the size of containers and can be shipped by sea to various parts of the world.


  All-in-one Type Flat Baghouse

flat bag dust collector

1.1 Product Name: EHDLMC-YT Type All-in-one Flat Bag Dust Collector (Air volume: 500-4000 cubic meters/hour)

1.2 The EHDLMC model adds a HEPA filter box at the top of the DLMC model, with a bag+HEPA secondary filtration mode.

1.3 The cloth bag is made of PTFE film material, and the HEPA filter uses H13-H14 grades, with a purification efficiency of up to 99.995% and almost zero dust emissions.

1.4 Dust cleaning method: The electromagnetic pulse valve sprays 4-8 kilograms of compressed air, and the airflow washes the dust on the surface of the cloth bag to clean the dust.

1.5 Product specifications: Typically consisting of independent modules with 1-8 layers, available in 1.5 and 2-meter fabric bags, with a combination of multiple modes.

flat bag dust collector

1.6 Product philosophy: Modular design and modular installation. The whole machine is spray molded and durable.

1.7 Manufacturing process: The flower board and bag cage are formed by die stamping, and the material can be carbon steel or stainless steel.

1.8 Product features: Side insertion type does not occupy top space, suitable for indoor installation, easy to install.

1.9. Design Services: Free of charge to design product drawings according to the appropriate size of your on-site space,and provide installation guidance and training services.

1.10.International transportation: Our product dimensions meet the requirements for shipping containers, making it easy to transport to various parts of the world.

Common accessories for flat bag dust collectors

  • bag dust collector part

    10 slot type flat bag cage
    8 slots can be customized

  • bag dust collector part

    Carbon steel fabric bag cage frame
    General lengths:1.5M or 2M

  • bag dust collector part

    Stainless steel fabric bag cage
    sus304 or sus316L

  • bag dust collector part

    Flat bags

Drawing Examples
Selection Size for All-in-one  dust collector

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